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“To provide enjoyable, reliable, eco-friendly holiday tours that respect local culture”

Nowhere does nature manifest herself so vividly in all her playfulness as she does in the world of orchids. The beauty and simplicity, colorfulness and shyness, peace and adventure…

Orchid Nepal Holiday Tour was established with a vision to introduce the beauty of Natural Nepal, to show the simplicity of Nepali people, to wander through the colorful cultural heritage , to feel the inner peace and relax the mind surrounded by Himalayas and hills, to be enlightened in the birth place of Lord Gautama Budhha, to plunge in the adventure and excitement, to live a full life in a few days.

We make the trip of our Guests memorable and beautiful as a bouquet of Orchids, fulfilling their needs and desires.

Each tour package is worked out as per convenience of our Guests .After all it is Nepal and there is a saying – “Atithi Devo Bhawa” (Guest is God).

There are 494 type of Orchids found in Nepal.

Welcome to Nepal – the land of Orchids!!!

"Let's Keep Earth Green And Clean"