Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley’s civilization is 3000 years old. The Kathmandu Valley may have been inhabited as early as 300 BCE, since the oldest known objects in the valley date to a few hundred years BCE. The earliest known inscription is dated 185 CE.The oldest firmly dated building in the earthquake-prone valley is almost 1,992 years old.

It has been claimed that the valley was a large pond and after Manjushree came and cut the gorge in Chobar with his flaming sword was drained the water out of the valley was ready to make for human settlement.

The fertile land supported large settlements , over the centuries different dynasties that ruled the valley patronized an urban civilization with it’s rich cultural heritage. The Kirats are the first documented rulers of the Kathmandu Valley. The Licchavi Dynasty whose earliest inscriptions date back to 464 CE were the next rulers of the valley and had close ties with the Gupta Dynasty of India. The Malla Dynasty ruled Kathmandu Valley and the surrounding area from the 12th until the 18th century CE, when the Shah Dynasty of the Gorkha Kingdom under Prithivi Narayan Shah.

The historical monuments of the world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley are marked by the presence of three prominent architectural style namely the Pagoda, Shikhara and Stupa style.

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